Welcome to We Are Colin

We Are Colin is a small collective group of talented programmers, designers and artists dedicated to giving you their game creations on the iPhone and Xbox Live Indies platform.

13/02/2011 - Googly Eyed Splitters out now!

Googly Eyed Splitters is now out on the Xbox Indie Games section for 80 microsoft points! You can see it here.

We are also testing out the idea of a PC version of the game and a demo for that is out now too! You can download the PC demo here!

To install the demo, simply extract the files from the .zip folder to your desired location. Then simply navigate to the "We Are Colin - Googly Eyed Splitters Demo" folder and run the setup.exe file. Any required files needed to run the demo, should be installed along with the demo.

08/02/2011 - Googly Eyed Splitters in Peer Review

Googly Eyed Splitters is now in peer review and is expected to hopefully be released within the next month. If you have not seen this fun Xbox Indie platformer yet, then head on over here and check out the trailer! It will be released on the Xbox Indie Games section for 80 microsoft points.

"Googly Eyed Splitters is a fun side-scrolling platformer, with a twist! Roll, Jump and Split your way through a whopping 40 levels to finish the game. Beware lava pits, lava boulders and being crushed by platforms as you play! With both skill based and puzzle based levels you're sure to enjoy playing this cute little Indie Title! Coming soon to Xbox 360 Indies!"

31/01/2011 - Triangular Out Now!

Triangular - If you like classic puzzles such as Rubik's Cube, you'll love this new logic puzzle, Triangular! With 'Match-3' type gameplay, your goal is to rotate the triangles on the gameboard so that where the points of the triangles meet, the gem colours match.
Sounds simple enough but some of the puzzles, each hand crafted, are deceptively difficult! Take into account some other gameplay features like linked triangles and the diamond gem and you have one addictive game.